Zola Jesus Shares Trailer For New ‘Taiga’ Album

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 06.18.14 in News

Zola Jesus has revealed the title (Taiga) and release date (sometime in October) of her latest album but little else so far. Speaking to Stereogum last summer, she described the effort as “very paranoid,” with a lyrical focus on how Nika Danilova relates to nature and the human race.

“There are many layers to the album,” she said. “It’s weird because sometimes I feel like humans are inherently evil and we need religion to give us morality. And, so, do I have faith in humans? Sometimes. Not really. But I also think that we’re so confused because we’re so advanced as a species. We know so much but we also know that we don’t know so many other things and it drives us crazy. Our pursuit for knowing everything is going to ruin us in the end, I think.”

Lest you assume this record is ‘really dark’, the Taiga trailer below reinforces some of the concepts Danilova discussed with Stereogum, alongside lots of bright lights that suggest there may be a few glimmers of hope left. Maybe…

'Taiga' trailer

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