Wu-Tang Clan Raise “Ruckus in B Minor,” Share ‘A Better Tomorrow’ Tracklist

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 11.04.14 in News

Wu-Tang Clan‘s upcoming album has been long delayed, but not, based on the tracks to surface so far, because the legendary New York hip-hop group has been reinventing the wheel.

On December 2, Warner Bros. is scheduled to release A Better Tomorrow, the first proper Wu album (this year’s Cher-featuring Once Upon a Time in Shaolin was limited to one copy) since 2007′s 8 Diagrams. The group stays close to its tradition of soul-stepped grittiness on the two tracks shared from the album so far, “Ron O’Neal” and “Keep Watch,” as well as on last year’s “Family Reunion,” and that’s also the case with the just-unveiled “Ruckus in B Minor,” a rock-infused bruiser that also opens the speaker-based A Better Tomorrow preview version. “We’re still number one,” exhorts the hook.

A Better Tomorrow is now available for preorder on iTunes; listen to “Ruckus in B Minor” below, and scroll down for the full cover art and tracklist.

Wu-Tang Clan Raise "Ruckus in B Minor," Share 'A Better Tomorrow' Tracklist

A Better Tomorrow (December 2; Warner Bros.)

1. Ruckus in B Minor
2. Felt
3. 40th Street Black / We Will Fight
4. Mistaken Identity
5. Hold the Heater
6. Crushed Egos
7. Keep Watch
8. Miracle
9. Preacher’s Daughter
10. Pioneer the Frontier
11. Necklace
12. Ron O’Neal
13. A Better Tomorrow
14. Never Let Go
15. Wu-Tang Reunion