WhoSampled Lends Rare Library Music to ‘Samplethon’

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 04.30.14 in News

WhoSampled, a leading source for identifying the beats and loops behind your favorite hip-hop and dance tracks, has announced “the world’s first Hackathon for music” (via FACT). Set to happen on Saturday, May 10, the event will grant 20 producers access to the rare library music archives of Imagem Production Music, including material from the Cavendish and Boosey & Hawkes catalogues. Here’s the breakdown, via the official “Samplethon” recruitment page:

The challenge: to produce a new track using the provided sample material against the clock, with the supervision and assistance of our team of esteemed mentors. This is a rare opportunity to sample from these highly regarded recordings performed by world class musicians, free from the legal shackles often associated with sampling.

The day will conclude with a judging session where industry experts will choose the winning tracks which will be put forward for inclusion on a forthcoming release alongside tracks created by established producers, all to go on to form part of the prestigious Cavendish music library.

Find out how to apply here, and check out a video about the day-long battle down below…