White Lung Sign to Domino, Share New Single

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 03.04.14 in News

Looks like White Lung is the latest scrappy, road-seasoned punk band to get a co-sign from an indie label that typically steers clear of all things hard and heavy (see also: the meteoric cassette demo-to-Captured Tracks rise of Perfect Pussy). Starting with the new single “Drown the Monster,” the Canadian wrecking crew are now on Domino’s roster, providing a sucker punch counterpoint to the WTF ways of Animal Collective and the Cosby sweater rock of Real Estate.

Here’s what singer Mish Way had to say about the song:

“I was looking at these pieces by Andrea Mary Marshall in The New Inquiry and there was this quote from her, ‘Toxic Women are toxic to themselves. They are Tragic Heroines who blow dry their own wounds. I aspire to be the opposite.’ This song is about kicking habits and running away with a new distraction. It’s a song about my two biggest vices, but I’d rather drown with the monster than blow dry my wounds.”

Have a listen and a look at the “Drown the Monster” video down below, right alongside the group’s last full-length record Sorry. And if you’d like to pre-order the vinyl version, that can be done via Domino’s shop here.