Well Played: New Videos From the Weeknd, Broken Bells and More

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 08.29.14 in News

Most music videos don’t require much more than a sentence-long summary, let alone an intro from Carson Daly, so here’s what we’re doing every Friday afternoon: saving you a slew of clicks by dropping the clips you may have missed in one place. We call it Well Played.

Now buffering down below: Ted Leo and Aimee Mann’s (a.k.a. The Both) usual blend of major chords and madcap comedy, a space-is-the-place premiere from Broken Bells, and not one but two melodramatic transmissions from The Weeknd, who can’t seem to stop writing the same song (we get it; everyone wants you, and yet, you’re still in serious need of some antidepressants) or hanging out in anything but model-filled hotel rooms. (“Often” is slightly NSFW for that very reason.)

Babes, 'ATMO'

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