Weird Al Spoofs Robin Thicke with Grammatically Delicious “Word Crimes”

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 07.15.14 in News

English teachers and editors, rejoice! “Weird Al” Yankovic has shared the video for “Word Crimes,” his parody of Robin Thicke‘s Pharrell- and T.I.-featuring “Blurred Lines” and, well, for some moments in life there are no words. Rather than send up the #NSFW original shot for shot, Yankovic mainly sticks to his title subject, neatly visualizing (with designer/animator Jarrett Heather) an array of hilariously cranky grammatical complaints (let’s hope “your participle’s dangling” becomes the new “your epidermis is showing“). Part of an eight-video launch for the master musical parodist’s new Mandatory Fun album, the clip may address a timeless topic of debate — see also Vampire Weekend‘s “Oxford Comma” — but like yesterday’s “Happy” parody “Tacky,” it ultimately squares in on a specifically contemporary phenomenon: namely, how u and i write in texts and social media. Insert big-toothy-grinning emoji here.

Watch the video on Yankovic’s site until the embed below is unlocked, read contributor Christopher R. Weingarten’s 2010 piece How Weird Al Predicted the Future, and always, always be sure you don’t use “less” when you really mean “fewer.”