“Weird Al” and Questlove Want to Register You to Vote

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 09.23.14 in News

Dating back at least to MTV’s ’90s “Rock the Vote” outreach, musicians encouraging listeners to come out on Election Day has become hardly a rare event. For those efforts to pay off, though, fans first need to be sure they’re registered to vote. Well, today is National Voter Registration Day, and more than 350 musicians and entertainers have joined forces to encourage us to do just that.

Musical names signing onto the effort include “Weird Al” Yankovic, Questlove, T.I., Jeff Tweedy, Wayne Coyne, 50 Cent, Fergie, Moby, Russell Simmons, John Legend, Esperanza Spalding, Dave Matthews, Gregg Allman, Linkin Park and all living members of the Grateful Dead. Among other entertainers urging people to get their voter registrations in order are Sarah Silverman, Lewis Black, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The participants are all using their social media channels to post pictures of themselves holding “Register to Vote” clipboards, adding links to online registration forms with the Twitter hashtag #CelebrateNVRD.

Take a look at a gallery of the photos here.

The campaign is coordinated by HeadCount, a nonpartisan group known for signing up unregistered voters at concerts. “The time to register to vote is now,” HeadCount’s executive director, Andy Bernstein, says in a statement. HeadCount volunteers are holding voter registration drives in 22 cities, and you can see a full list of the activities here.

National Voter Registration Day isn’t just a Hallmark — er, HeadCount — holiday. More than 2,000 groups in 50 states are taking part, whether on the ground or online, the organization says. More than 250,000 voters have registered to vote on National Voter Registration Day since it started in 2012. When “Weird Al” steps into a voting booth, the admonition Mandatory Fun might not apply — though you never know where he’ll come up with another timely and bitingly hilarious parody.