Weezer Take KISS Bobblehead “Back to the Shack” on ‘Fallon’

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 07.24.14 in News

Weezer‘s pop-rock call to arms — or at least to “turn up the radio” and “turn off those stupid singing shows” — got its biggest airing yet last night, and Ace Frehley was there giving his silent endorsement. A figurine of the former KISS lead guitarist (who was name-checked on “In the Garage” from Rivers Cuomo and co.’s self-titled 1994 Blue Album) stood atop an amp as the Pinkerton crew punched through the first song from Ric Ocasek reunion Everything Will Be Alright on the End on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “Back to the Shack,” off the September 30 Republic LP, suggests an unabashed return to Weezer’s roots, and Cuomo’s meta rockist-geezer deadpan delivers enough hooks to welcome him home. “We belong in the rock world,” he howls. “There is so much left to do.” The idea that rock has more left to offer isn’t as commonly voiced anymore, but the Frehley bobblehead surely approves — and with pop’s EDM-ification at high tide (Ariana Grande, meet Zedd), the sentiment makes a certain sense. As a meta rockist geezer might deadpan, “These things go in cycles.”