Wayne Coyne Calls Former Flaming Lips Drummer a ‘Pathological Liar’

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 05.09.14 in News

Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has finally responded to the allegations levied by longtime drummer Kliph Scurlock last week.

“I don’t know what kind of story you’re even going to have,” Coyne told Rolling Stone, “or if there even is one. The only thing that we would have to say about Kliph leaving is that he just was not very significant to us. And all the things he’s saying about the reason he was fired, it’s all just made-up lies. He knows we struggled with him for years and it didn’t occur to us that it seemed that significant. I don’t even use the word ‘fired.’ He just doesn’t play drums with us anymore — that’s the way I’d put it.”

Coyne goes on to say that Scurlock’s negativity was the main reason he was let go. Not just with Coyne’s controversial friend Christina Fallin, whom he had publicly attacked on Facebook and Twitter. (Fallin had posted a portrait of her wearing a Native American headdress with the caption “Appropriate Culturation,” then she mocked protestors who had come to see her band Pink Pony play at Oklahoma’s Norman Music Festival.) “Anybody who knows him knows what kind of a hateful person he is,” Coyne explained. “The reason that [his firing was] connected to the Fallin thing, it’s like, ‘If you’re going to be that hateful, you can’t be associated with the Flaming Lips.’ And that was one of a thousand things that he would go on his Twitter or Instagram or the fake ones that he’s created. That’s what he would do all the time. We would play a show with some bands and the next day, he would say how stupid they are and how much they suck.”

As for Scurlock’s claim that Coyne is a temperamental bully, the singer had this to say: “Kliph has been with us since I think 2000. Before that, he’s been in about 30 other groups, and he’s quit all of them. If I was so bad, why didn’t he quit? He never quit once. I’ve been in the Flaming Lips for 32 years now. Steven’s been in the Flaming Lips since 1990. Michael’s been in the Flaming Lips for 32 years. Our manager’s been our manager for almost 30 years now. We’ve been on Warner Brothers since 1990. Nobody else in the world knows that I’m a horrible person except for Kliph Scurlock. He must be a fucking genius from outer space! He’s an abusive, compulsive, pathological liar that will do anything he can do get attention. And of course, using my name gets him attention.”

You can read the rest of Coyne’s very thorough rebuttal to this whole situation here. To bring this all back to music, Coyne finished the conversation by saying that the band’s tribute to the Beatles’s Sgt. Pepper album is going to be a benefit for a cat and dog adoption center in Oklahoma City, featuring Sean Lennon and My Morning Jacket in addition to its previously announced participants, MGMT and Miley Cyrus…