Neneh Cherry & Robyn

Watch Neneh Cherry and Robyn’s Video for “Out of the Black”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 03.18.14 in News

In her interview with Robert Ham for Wondering Sound, Neneh Cherry said of her excellent new record Blank Slate, “I feel like I’ve gone full circle with my songs and my music. The way they were executed, it’s quite raw and unpredictable. It’s not about being perfect and overproduced. It feels natural.”

That rawness comes through in her duet with Swedish pop force-of-nature Robyn “Out of the Black,” as well as its accompanying video. The visuals look like the kind of thing that would pop up on a local access station’s video show at 3 a.m., charmingly ragged and jittery, images of the two singers cut out as if from MS Paint and superimposed on top of flickering old news footage and clips from security cameras, evidences of the renegade style of director Dario Vigorito — known as 241-24-7. The song itself is also a wonder — sluggish synth-bass providing the perfect low-end complement to the two singers fluttering, graceful melodies. It is, as Cherry said, raw and unpredictable and boldly minimal — evidence that, even at this phase of her career, Cherry is as daring as ever.

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