Watch Tyler, the Creator Interview Pharrell and a YouTube Rip of His Rare ‘Wolf’ Documentary

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 11.13.14 in News

“It’s an uncomfortable interview but it is what it is,” Pharrell Williams says in the middle of a Mass Appeal clip with Tyler, the Creator. “We’ve got to record this moment … Life is poetic in that way. Some people say ironic; I just see it as this flowing poetry that comes from creative minds like yourself.”

While it’s only four-and-a-half minutes long, the pair’s loose conversation — made uncomfortable by the fact that Williams was suffering from vertigo in the days leading up to his performance at last weekend’s Odd Future carnival — is refreshing for its frankness. On one level, Tyler gets to play the role of consummate fanboy by interviewing his longtime hero. And on another, Williams appears to enjoy passing the torch to Odd Future, the “anchor” of a younger generation that values quirkiness and creativity.

“We’ve got a lot of help now,” says Williams. “It’s us, it’s Odd Future, it’s Kendrick [Lamar] — a lot of great minds that give a fuck about where things end up and how they go. As long as you stay where you are, and loyal to your beliefs — and secondly, to your curiosity — no one can touch you.”

Watch the entire exchange below, along with a YouTube rip of the DIY Wolf documentary Tyler made just 100 copies of, and promptly sold online and at last week’s LA event.

“Cant wait to hear about some kid doing something like, or even better than this,” he wrote on Facebook after the day-long carnival was over. “I hope to inspire you to stop being a scary bitch and listen to that voice inside because you know where the fuck you want to be … Find your wings, it gets lonely flying up here.”