Watch the Trailer For the Postal Service Documentary ‘Everything Will Change’

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 10.07.14 in News

“Because we’re not a real band, there hasn’t been enough time for things to get weird,” Jenny Lewis says in the trailer for Everything Will Change, a new documentary about the recent live reunion of The Postal Service. “I think this is still so fresh that it’s just pure fun.”

Set for a November 24 release through Sub Pop, the Justin Mitchell-directed concert film was shot over the course of two shows last year (July 26-27 at Berkeley’s Greek Theatre) and features such rarely performed songs as “(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan” — the Dntel collaboration that led to The Postal Service in the first place — and the Beat Happening cover “Our Secret” alongside the album (2003′s Give Up LP) that moved more than a million copies after the duo had already broken up.

Or as Gibbard admits, “The vast majority of people who got into this album got into it after we were kinda done doing it.”

Check out an official trailer below along with a tracklisting of live songs and bonus videos.

'Everything Will Change'

Everything Will Change:
“The District Sleeps Alone Tonight”
“We Will Become Silhouettes”
“Sleeping In”
“Turn Around”
“Nothing Better”
“Recycled Air”
“Be Still My Heart”
“Clark Gable”
“Our Secret” (Beat Happening cover)
“This Place Is a Prison”
“A Tattered Line of String”
“Such Great Heights”
“Natural Anthem”
“(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan”
“Brand New Colony”

Special Features:
“Such Great Heights” Music Video (directed by Josh & Xander)
“We Will Become Silhouettes” Music Video (directed by Jared Hess)
“The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” Music Video (directed by Cobra Kai)
“A Tattered Line of String” Music Video (directed by AB/CD/CD)
“The Postal Service Auditions” (directed by Tom Scharpling)
“The Postal Service: In Their Own Words” (directed by Tom Scharpling)