Watch The Toxic Avenger’s Creepy Ghost Hunting Video for “Chase II”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 05.28.14 in News

Though it employs the “found footage” style of filmmaking popularized by movies like Paranormal Activity and, before that, The Blair Witch Project, the video for The Toxic Avenger’s “Chase II” feels more like some lost, late ’70s B-Movie. At the opening, our heroes take to the open highway in search of the supernatural. The song itself is the perfect complement: a grim, ominously chugging bit of dancefloor doom where synths crackle and flash for milliseconds and then vanish like… well, like spirits in the ether. Simon Delacroix, the man behind the Avenger, writes songs that are long on mood and tension, and “Chase II,” and its unsettling accompanying video, is a slippery and engaging bit of shadowy dance music.