Watch Rare Footage of Kraftwerk and Can’s Early Days in 1970

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 04.03.14 in News

If the idea of seeing Kraftwerk in 2014 seems like a stretch — after all, co-founder Florian Schneider quit in 2008, leaving four AARP-aged robots behind — the Rockpalast footage below is essential viewing. Captured way back in 1970, it reveals the group’s experimental rock beginnings, which is about as far removed from where they are today as you can get. It’s not the only crucial Krautrock clip that surfaced in the past week, either. Someone has also uploaded a set from Can that features newly hired frontman Damo Suzuki leading the band through a set that’s frantic and downright feverish.

Watch and learn, kids; watch and learn…

Can live

via YouTube

Kraftwerk live

via YouTube