Watch the ‘R.E.M. by MTV’ Documentary Trailer

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 10.21.14 in News

Three years after R.E.M. decided to call it quits, the indie rock pioneers are the subjects of an upcoming documentary. R.E.M. by MTV is on its way to MTV and VH1 next month. It’s also part of a six-disc R.E.M. DVD box set called REMTV, which compiles the band’s TV appearances and is due out November 24.

R.E.M. by MTV, according to a recent post on the band’s website, “traces R.E.M. and MTV in real time, which makes it feel as exciting and immediate as it did when it was happening.” The trailer starts with footage of a very youthful-looking R.E.M. and moves up chronologically through archival footage, including clips with Drew Barrymore, Kurt Cobain and Jon Stewart.

“We just wanted to get in a van and see the U.S., like Jack Kerouac did,” Michael Stipe says at one point of R.E.M.’s early days.

Watch the trailer below via NPR.