Watch Parquet Courts Play a New Song on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 05.01.14 in News

If you listen closely to the clip below, you’ll notice Seth Myers making a key designation in regards to Parquet Courts: He calls them “an American punk band from Brooklyn.” Not the second coming of Pavement or the keyboard-and-sampler-free return of college rock; just, you know, a punk band. Which lines up perfectly with how Parquet Courts would like to be viewed, even if it does sell their ragged but wry records short a bit. Case in point: “Black and White,” the latest single from their upcoming Sunbathing Animal LP. It’s as punchy and prickly as a punk tune should be, sure — especially that bridge, with its bright, downright blinding bursts of feedback — but it’s also yet another example of why writers and a growing legion of fans fell in love with these scrappy New Yorkers in the first place…