Dum Dum Girls, Bret Easton Ellis Collaborate on Short Film

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 03.06.14 in News

Bret Easton Ellis has figured out the best way to earn forgiveness for his softcore Lindsay Lohen collab The Canyons — the schizophrenic script for the short Dum Dum Girls film Are You Okay? A welcome pairing between Sub Pop, Vice and MOCAtv, the 11-minute clip was directed by Brewer (Alt J, Purity Ring, Passion Pit) and produced by Braxton Pope, with additional sound design work by Drew McDowall and Dee Dee Penny’s art director Tamaryn.

“It was a pretty strange, surreal opportunity that came kind of out of nowhere,” Penny explained in a Noisey interview. “I guess it all started because I found out the Dum Dum Girls song ‘Coming Down’ was being used in [The Canyons] unofficially and I thought, ‘What the fuck? That’s crazy.’ So I told my label and we reached out to them and they asked if we wanted to do something in a more official capacity. I’m not quite sure whose idea it was, but I ended up having the pleasure of meeting Bret, who wanted to facilitate some kind of next-level music video.”

No kidding. Check out the clip in full below, along with behind-the-scenes footage; Wondering Sound’s recent interview with Penny can also be found here

'Are You Okay?'

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