Watch Neighbors’ Dreamlike “Long Time Gone” Video

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 05.23.14 in News

The melancholic haze of the best Sofia Coppola films hangs over the haunting video for Neighbors’ “Long Time Gone.” In it, our protagonist wakes up and wanders through the city, eventually boarding a subway for an unaccompanied trip to Coney Island. But what’s remarkable is the way director Lauren Sieczkowski suffuses the video with a sense of melancholy. Simple acts, like selecting chips at a bodega or waiting for a train to arrive, feel dreamlike. The protagonist, played by Erica Lutz as if she’s in a trance, interacts with other people only glancingly, to the point that it’s difficult to tell if her trip is really happening, or if she’s still asleep in the bed we find her in at the video’s beginning. It’s the perfect complement to Neighbors’ gently-pulsing song. Noah Stitelman’s delivery is soft and distant, and the song glides along at a calm, steady pace. The combined effect is transfixing.

Neighbors – Long Time Gone from neighborsmusic on Vimeo.