Watch GZA Give a TEDxTeen Talk About Science and Rap Music

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 03.20.14 in News

As the Wu-Tang Clan continue to debate their role in today’s hip-hop scene and the relevance of A Better Tomorrow — their first proper LP in seven years — GZA has led a TEDxTeen talk about “The Genius of Science.” Available to watch below, it isn’t the first time the MC has bridged the gap between schoolbooks and rap music. A few years back, he signed on to help Columbia University professor Christopher Emdin teach science in 10 New York City public schools, and in 2013, GZA gave a lecture at the University of Toronto about “Consciousness, Creativity and Music.”

As for how this’ll all play out on record, we’re still waiting for Dark Matter, a solo album loosely inspired by quantum physics…