Watch Future’s “Covered N Money” Video

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 03.18.14 in News

Last week in Austin, Atlanta rapper Future debuted a host of tracks from his forthcoming album Honest (out April 22). The songs he played sounded tough and tenacious, leaner on pop hooks and longer and pure brawling might. You can hear some of that in “Covered N Money”; the song is built around depth-charge bass drops and illuminated only by a few blinking synths. What sells it is Future’s delivery. He delivers the songs lyrics like a man trying to make a point in an argument — loudly, insistently, repeating key points over and over for emphasis. The accompanying video is appropriately dark. Putting Future at the center of a nighttime sting operation, it adds a level of ominousness to an already taut, brooding song.