Watch a Film Based on The Body’s ‘I Shall Die Here’ Album

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 04.04.14 in News

It’s not the most uplifting listen for a Friday morning, but I Shall Die Here — the recent RVNG Intl. collaboration between The Body and The Haxan Cloak — is certainly one of the more evocative records to roll through the pipeline in the past month. Enough that Jason Evans devoted an entire dirt-caked, fire-stoked film to interpreting the effort. Available to watch in full below, At the Mercy of It All is described by the director as follows:

“Listening to The Body’s I Shall Die Here, I was pulled into this landscape that had been created; an incredibly visual account of death, tragedy and loss. I had this image of a man, his face covered in dirt, but his arms still moving and his eyes open. Body and soil.

The image reminded me of the kind of parallels artist Robert Smithson made between geological change and the fragility of the mind, which in turn gave me the emotional content of the film.”