Twerps Tease Full-Length ‘Range Anxiety’ With Wry Trailer

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 12.02.14 in News

The trailer for Range Anxiety, the forthcoming full-length from Australian band Twerps, serves two purposes. For one, it offers brief snatches of the group’s sound — light, radiant jangle-pop offset with soft, endearing vocals and possessing the same uncanny sense for melody as countrymen like The Go-Betweens and, more recently, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding. But it also offers a clue to the band’s overall demeanor: in the trailer, frontman Martin Frawley dryly narrates his day-to-day. And though it starts somewhat straight-faced, with Frawley lamenting is work as a waiter, it slowly grows more sardonic. “A lot of people assume that I could fart and produce a hit single,” he laments about a minute in, roaming woefully through an amusement park. A bit later: “I think it’s fair to say that in rock ‘n’ roll there’s a lot of spare time, and I spend a lot of that time drinking. Quite a lot of the time, it’s by myself.” The teaser is the perfect combination of earnest and witty, salty and sincere — just like the band’s music.

Range Anxiety will be released on January 27 by Merge Records.