Video Premiere: Tinkerbelles, “When Puppies Cry”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 12.04.14 in News

You might expect a song called “When Puppies Cry” to be full of violent sonics and grim images and, well, you’d be right: in the video for the song from the group’s “Fine Asses” 7″, they’re at an arcade, pounding their way through an arcade game, periodically interrupted by images of piles of bloody bodies. The song itself is ruthless: stabbing guitars, hammering drums and sneering vocals, the only relief provided by its demonic doo-wop chorus. The images get more chaotic as the game goes on, blurring and pixelating and getting cross-cut with more gruesome close-ups — bloody heads, hands, legs. The video’s twist ending is well worth sticking around for.