Video Premiere: The Wharves, “Scarlet For Ya”

Louis Pattison

By Louis Pattison

International Editor
on 11.18.14 in News

Telepathy card games, Rorschach tests, electric shocks: the new video by The Wharves delves into the weird history of occult parlour past-times, a whiff of incense and brimstone adrift amidst the chintzy armchairs and polished teak surfaces. It’s an effective visualization of the UK trio’s music, which is grounded in a sort of post-riot grrrl indie-pop — think late Sleater-Kinney, perhaps the Breeders, a little — but floats into spookier realms on the bewitching vocal harmonies of bassist Gemma Fleet and guitarist Dearbhla Minogue.

“Scarlet For Ya” is taken from The Wharves’ debut album At Bay, out now on Gringo.

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