Video Premiere: Shakey Graves Performs “Word of Mouth” Live at Pickathon 2014

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 01.15.15 in News

Our second exclusive video from the 2014 Pickathon festival features Austin’s Americana-dismantler Shakey Graves delivering a taut, turbulent rendition of “Word of Mouth,” a song that pulls equally from Appalachian folk and Southern blues. “If you value your life stay off the drugs; if you value the drugs, stay off the map; and if you value the maps, you’d better travel, son,” goes a piece of advice dispensed early in the song, and the rest of it follows that same kind of dizzying, circuitous internal logic. Barbed guitar phrases loop-de-loop like hornets circling a nest, and Graves’s craggy, oaky voice is the perfect combination of world-weariness and youthful optimism. It’s two generations of American music, colliding in a single song.

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