Video Premiere: L.A. Witch, “Heart Of Darkness”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 11.19.14 in News

L.A. Witch’s “Heart of Darkness” is a wary, relaxed lope on acoustic guitar, a few fingers brushing a few chords like cobwebs from an attic doorframe. Lead singer Sade (she goes only by “Sade”) has a voice that feels like it emanated from a Stevie Nicks Modulator #58, a mix of nasal and mystic. It’s a familiar sound, but it always raises arm hairs when it’s done well, and her nearly-asleep delivery stirs up all the weird, bad feelings that the black and white video explores: We ponder a cat with an upside-down cross on its forehead, some blankly staring band members, and disembodied shadowy hands clawing at lace curtains.