Video Premiere: Del Venicci, “Jungle Arms”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 07.11.14 in News

The past hangs heavy over the music of Atlanta group Del Venicci. It’s there in a direct sense: the grandmothers of founding members Grace Bellury and Ross Politi were both famous Italian opera singers (a fact cited in nearly every article written about them), and Politi’s father was a performer in the 1950′s, singing doo-wop with the Del Vikings, the Chaperones and the Mello Kings. But there’s a more intangible sense of the past in their music as well. “Jungle Arms” — from their debut Haunted Hall, which was released in Feburary — floats and drifts, more memory than melody, Bellury’s voice pitching and swooping high in the ether. The music, too, feels otherworldly: ancient squeezeboxes and twinkling music boxes and the ghostly bleating of 18th Century flutes. It’s like entire decades of human history are lighting up at once. The accompanying video is a perfect match: as grainy and blurry as an old Super 8 home movie, characters appear, disappear, dissolve and crystallize. The net effect is eerie in its impermanence.