Video Premiere: The Bug ft. Miss Red, “Mi Lost”

Louis Pattison

By Louis Pattison

International Editor
on 10.21.14 in News

Where in the past, The Bug’s Kevin Martin has been best known for bringing the noise, his new album Angels & Devils does more than batter bass-bins. Taking a dualist approach, the album’s first half is on a more dreamy, atmospheric tack, bringing vocalists like Grouper’s Liz Harris and Inga Copeland to the table.

One of the highlights of the Angels side is “Mi Lost,” an eerie dub rattle featuring a laconic but menacing vocal by Israeli MC Miss Red. Now it has a video, shot in Red’s hometown Haifa City with a local crew. Through a haze of muddy focus and lens flare, we see Red as she roams among friends and family in a house or villa that, as the light fades, comes to resemble a prison.

“The inspiration behind the song and video is the feeling of living and being a part of the small community in a sleepy and almost neglected city in the north of Israel, but wanting more from life,” she says. It drives home the message of Angels & Devils: that even when Kevin Martin turn downs the volume, he can keep a grip on that churning, existential dread that’s at the heart of The Bug.