Video Premiere: Bronwynne Brent, “Devil Again”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 11.04.14 in News

Adages abound in Bronwynne Brent’s gripping “Devil Again” — “Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt”; “They say that they eyes are the mirror to the soul” — but they’re all subverted. It’s appropriate; Brent works within the familiar Southern Gothic milieu, but she turns it inside-out. The downcast acoustic guitars, moss-covered vocals, shadowy atmosphere — they’re all here, but Brown’s wary, dawdling voice makes it sound like she’s questioning skeptically, pulling apart the familiar and shaking the pieces to find something new and startling.

Her approach to the accompanying video underscores her aesthetic: “I thought of all the cool places where we might shoot the video in the Texas hill country, but when the crew of Ultralite Films arrived, they took a look around my yard in Dripping Springs, Texas, and said, ‘This is perfect,’” she recalls. “Photojournalist Eric Schlegel brought along his Phantom quadcopter equipped with a Go-Pro camera to do the aerial shots. He flew this drone around my head, while I tried my best to ignore it and “act natural.” The next morning, we shot an underwater scene at Jacob’s Well in Wimberley. To say I was a little nervous is an understatement.”

What results is startling and hypnotic, a song that operates from a familiar base, but approaches it from a distinct perspective. The result is nothing short of extraordinary.