Video Premiere: BLKHRTS, “Wrath of God”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 08.13.14 in News

Before “Wrath of God” from Denver group BLKHRTS is even one minute old, we’ve already seen blood on reefer, mushroom clouds and Hiroshima. That dark imagery is a good indication of the group’s aesthetic: ice-cold electronics that plunge like icycles and crash against booming, depth-charge percussion. It’s harrowing, apocalyptic music, the group’s mile-a-minute flow sounding like the product of panic that the world may end before they get all the words out. The accompanying video perfectly echoes the song’s sense of menace and mystery. In an all-white room, a masked dancer moves robotically as the group’s three emcees appear with electrical tape over their eyes, or clutching religious icons. It’s a bold and bracing number.