Photo By J Loomis

Video Premiere: Ben Seretan, “Ticonderoga”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 11.05.14 in News

“Ticonderoga,” the sprawling new single from the forthcoming self-titled record by Ben Seretan takes its time getting started. For the first two minutes, a tense guitar gradually gains speed. It’s eventually joined by clattering, panicked percussion and then Seretan’s voice, repeating the song’s title over and over. And that’s mroe or less what it does for its entire 8-minute run time. But an interesting thing happens when a song is so defiantly centers around repetition: it seems to gain contour and momentum with each new pass, and because the essential materials — the music, the single word — remain essentially unchanged, you begin to focus on other factors — the way the drums and guitar appear to be mirroring each other; the way Seretan stretches the fourth syllable into two notes. The song gradually becomes spellbinding, the rigidity of krautrock delivered with the intensity of punk.

Ben Seretan will be released on October 28. Pre-Order the album here.

Ticonderoga from Cameron Gibson on Vimeo.