Video Premiere: Andre Costello, “Roll On”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 07.03.14 in News

It’s a full two minutes into the video for Andre Costello’s sweetly melancholy “Roll On” when they finally set the piano on fire. You can feel something coming: the video starts in darkness, and Costello’s lyrics — delivered in his quavering tenor over a simple piano figure — speak of love’s distance and a fragmenting relationship. And then, halfway through, there he is, in a field, playing a piano that’s being slowly engulfed in flame. It’s a perfect complement to the song’s message: before it was incinerated, the piano was covered with flowers — a thing of beauty and color, slowly reduced to ash. The song is taken from Costello’s Summer’s Best EP and, even without the arresting visual, it’s a moving tale of hearts gone up in smoke.