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U2 Reportedly Delaying New Record, Tour Until 2015

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 03.07.14 in News

It looks like fans of overwrought arena rock will have to rely on Coldplay’s new album for their fix this year. According to an exclusive Billboard story, several sources close to U2 have confirmed they won’t be touring or releasing a new record until 2015.

“It seems to be taking longer for them to finish an album as they get older,” one insider said, “but the great thing about U2 is that the whole of a record is always better than the sum of its parts. That magic that the band always seems to capture… they have yet to capture it.”

One of the likely reasons for the delay is the fact that Adele producers Ryan Tedder and Paul Epworth were recently brought in to round out the record’s primary sessions with Danger Mouse. The band also said the Mandela song “Ordinary Love” messed with their momentum last year.

“We were on a roll,” drummer Larry Mullen Jr. told The Hollywood Reporter. “It was clear where we were going. And a decision was made to abandon ship, more or less, to focus on this.”

Bono, of all people, has also lost some of his confidence in the group. Speaking at a Toronto Film Festival press conference in 2011, he said, “There’s a giant chasm between the very good and the great, and U2 right now has a danger of surrendering to the very good.”

Man, when Bono doesn’t even believe in what you’re doing, is there any hope? Check out the U2 video they first teased in the Super Bowl below…

U2, 'Invisible'

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