U2 Will Add Four New Songs to Retail Version of Free Album

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 09.12.14 in News

Non-Apple customers can soon get their hands on U2‘s free, iTunes-only new album.

Songs of Innocence will be available in brick-and-mortar stores as a deluxe set with four extra tracks, as Billboard reports. The package will also include from two to seven unplugged renditions, though exactly how many hasn’t been finalized. A wholesale price of $12.90 for the CD means customers will probably see it selling for $15 to $16.

Apple has a five-week span during which it’s the only place fans can get the new U2 album. Physical retailers will get their own five-week time frame as the exclusive sellers of the deluxe package, according to Billboard. Afterwards, iTunes can also offer the bonus songs.

It isn’t yet clear how the big chains will handle the new U2 album. After the release of Beyoncé‘s iTunes-exclusive album last year, Target chose not to stock it, and Amazon sold it only on MP3, not CD. Both retail companies declined to comment to Billboard.

Nor is angst over Innocence limited to stores. A senior label executive, who isn’t identified, is quoted as saying, “I’m not sure that this giveaway is good for the business.”

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