U2 Spawn Powerful ‘Every Breaking Wave’ Short Film

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 02.12.15 in News

“Every Breaking Wave” and “The Troubles” are two songs from U2‘s 2014 album Songs of Innocence. The former has now lent its title to a new short film based on both tracks. Directed by Aoife McArdle, the short follows two teens who fall in love in Northern Ireland in the early ’80s across the Protestant-Catholic divide.

“I wanted to make a film about what it was like to be a teenager in the early ’80s in Northern Ireland,” McArdle says in a statement. “All the different pressures on you, the pressures of friendship, of falling in love for the first time, and all that in the face of huge troubles. Violence was inescapable on your doorstep. I remember very vividly what it was like to grow up when there were bombs going off and army everywhere so I did draw on a lot of memories.”

Though it has been easy to mock U2 since their iPhone-pushed release of the new album, this is stirring stuff — love in the time of the Troubles.

Watch below via Vice’s The Creators Project.