U2 Beat Grammy Deadline with Early Vinyl Release

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 09.30.14 in News

U2 haven’t let their new album’s unique release strategy block them from more traditional accolades. The band’s latest move means Songs of Innocence should be eligible for the Grammy Awards despite an official release date that would have missed today’s deadline to qualify.

Songs of Innocence is scheduled to arrive in physical format on October 13. According to Grammy guidelines, a record must be “available for sale to the public as stand-alone purchases by September 30″ to be eligible for the next awards. Just in time, some retailers are selling vinyl copies of the new U2 album today, as fansite @U2 reports (via SPIN) and “a source close to the situation” confirmed to Rolling Stone.

A Grammy spokesperson, asked about Songs of Innocence‘s potential eligibility, pointed to a statement to RS. “As long as the album, be it CD, vinyl or digital, is available commercially for sale to the public by our eligibility cutoff date at a nationally recognized retailer or website, then it’s eligible for consideration,” the spokesperson said.

After U2 originally distributed Songs of Innocence for free to iTunes users earlier in the month, a Grammy spokesperson told RS the album wouldn’t be eligible for the upcoming awards.

As of October 13, the album will no longer be free on iTunes, and it will be available in multiple physical formats: a single CD, a double-CD deluxe edition and a double-LP vinyl edition. “Songs of Innocence is the most intimate album we’ve ever made,” Bono has said.

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