Ty Segall Allows You to Manipulate His New Video

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 09.08.14 in News

Ty Segall took a little over a year to release his latest album Manipulator, his ninth LP in seven years for those of you keeping track at home, and it’s paid off with rave reviews.

Today brings an interactive, psychedelic video for the title track that he created with director Mike Yoka and designer Mike Wiscombe.

It’s the fourth collaboration for Segall and Wiscombe, who first worked together on the video for 2011′s “Goodbye, Bread.”

You can watch the Director’s Playthrough below, or head to Segall’s site and click your way through countless variations. Yoka told the New York Times that, “The variations multiply to a mind-boggling level of possibilities. Wiscombe estimates there’s a quadrillion different variations you can make.”

So this is good for at least a half hour of procrastination on a Monday morning at work.