Twitter Can Be Used to Press Virtual Vinyl

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 07.25.14 in News

A fascinating aspect of vinyl’s comeback has been the way infatuation with the analog medium has worked hand in hand with digital technology. Download cards make LPs as portable as CDs; online publications and stores help listeners learn about and buy records that in previous decades might’ve been the stuff of whispered myth. Now, Markus Persson — the developer of the Minecraft video game — has shown that vinyl audio can be tweeted, too, at least in a way.

As Will Kirkby details over at Medium (via Red Bull Music Academy), Persson tweeted the pixel-art image above, showing a vinyl record labeled — naturally— “Turn Down for What.” Kirkby, realizing the pattern of the vinyl didn’t appear to be random, went through a series of hacks and eventually discovered that encoded in the pixel colors of the spiral was audio data. As you can hear here, it’s not the highest quality (8-bit mono 4096 hz, per Kirkby), but it’s very evidently the hook from a certain Lil Jon and DJ Snake song.

To quote one reply, “Turn down for science.”