Twin Shadow Play a Dumpster Show at SXSW

Dustin Sussman

By Dustin Sussman

on 03.14.14 in News

Each year at SXSW, artists find new and creative ways to put on shows in some very interesting locations to say the least. Think it’s safe to say Twin Shadow has one-upped everybody this year.

In the new Funny or Die piece “Dumpster Show with Twin Shadow,” a small crowd of hip festivalgoers at SXSW crowd around Twin Shadow as the band plays an intimate “secret show” out of a Texas dumpster. We might be witnessing the best set of SXSW 2014, guys.

Jay-Z and Kanye are probably mad they didn’t think of this first.

If this isn’t punk rock, I don’t wanna know what is.