Tori Amos to Reissue ‘Little Earthquakes,’ ‘Under the Pink’

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 02.04.15 in News

Tori Amos is reissuing her revered first two albums. New two-CD deluxe versions of 1992′s Little Earthquakes and 1994′s Under the Pink on April 14 via Rhino. Remastered editions of both albums will also be available on 180-gram vinyl, the first U.S. vinyl release for each record.

Little Earthquakes was an acknowledgement of things that I hadn’t looked at in 15 years, in some cases,” the ’90s singer/songwriter icon says in a statement. “After you acknowledge something, you tell everybody, and other people say, ‘I know what that’s like, too.’ There’s this energy charge you get, and liberation from doing that.”

Listen to “Take to the Sky,” the B-side from Little Earthquakes‘ “Winter” single below, and scroll down for the deluxe tracklists. Amos released a generation-spanning new album, Unrepentant Geraldines, last year. Her recent live shows have included covers of Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails.

Little Earthquakes (April 14, Rhino)

Disc 1
1. Crucify
2. Girl
3. Silent All These Years
4. Precious Things
5. Winter
6. Happy Phantom
7. China
8. Leather
9. Mother
10. Tear In Your Hand
11. Me And A Gun
12. Little Earthquakes

Disc 2
1. Upside Down (from “Silent All These Years”)
2. Thoughts (from “Silent All These Years”)
3. Ode To The Banana King (Part One) (from “Silent All These Years”)
4. Song For Eric (from “Silent All These Years”)
5. The Pool (from “Winter”)
6. Take To The Sky (from “Winter”)
7. Sweet Dreams (from “Winter”)
8. Mary (from “Crucify”)
9. Sugar (from “China”)
10. Flying Dutchman (from “China”)
11. Humpty Dumpty (from “China”)
12. Smells Like Teen Spirit (from “Winter”)
13. Little Earthquakes (live in Cambridge – April 5, 1992)
14. Crucify (live in Cambridge – April 5, 1992)
15. Precious Things (live in Cambridge – April 5, 1992)
16. Mother (live in Cambridge – April 5, 1992)
17. Happy Phantom (from “Silent All These Years”)
18. Here In My Head (from “Crucify”)

Under the Pink (April 14, Rhino)

Disc 1
1. Pretty Good Year
2. God
3. Bells For Her
4. Past The Mission
5. Baker Baker
6. The Wrong Band
7. The Waitress
8. Cornflake Girl
9. Icicle
10. Cloud On My Tongue
11. Space Dog
12. Yes, Anastasia

Disc 2
1. Sister Janet (from “Cornflake Girl”)
2. Honey (from “Cornflake Girl”)
3. Daisy Dead Petals (from “Cornflake Girl”)
4. Over It (from “Cornflake Girl”)
5. Black Swan (from “Pretty Good Year”)
6. Home On The Range (from “Pretty Good Year”)
7. All The Girls Hate Her (from “Cornflake Girl”)
8. God (from “God” 12″)
9. Here In My Head (from “Past The Mission”)
10. Upside Down (from “Past The Mission”)
11. Past The Mission (live)
12. Icicle (live)
13. Flying Dutchman (live)
14. Winter (live)
15. The Waitress (live)