Torche’s New Album Is Heavier, Includes a Couple Curveballs

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 03.31.14 in News

Torche bassist Jonathan Nuñez has revealed a few details about the band’s Relapse debut. According to Rolling Stone, the as-yet-untitled effort was mostly written as a group during a February trip to Miami, with Nuñez taking on production duties and Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou — a well-respected producer in his own right — stepping in for the mixing stages.

“It was pretty nonstop,” Nuñez said of the sessions. “I would wake up, have breakfast, start recording, then usually hang out for an hour at most, then go to sleep almost every night.”

While a “heavier than ever” sound is expected when the album drops this summer, the group also managed to expand their sludge-pop horizons with some ’80s nods and songs like “Bishop in Arms.” According to Nuñez, that track is token Torche until the vocals kick in. Then “it’s this whole Psychedelic Furs — and maybe Guided By Voices — phrasing. It’s an exciting song. We were like, ‘Whoa.’ None of us saw that coming. I think that’s what keeps us entertained.”

Check out Torche’s last single, “Harmonslaught” b/w “Rock ‘N’ Roll Mantasy”, below…