Topic: The Rolling Stones

A Musical History of Muscle Shoals

By Andy Beta on 11.30.11

Situated across the highway from the Oakwood Cemetery in northern Alabama, rock and soul music continue to live on at Muscle Shoals Studio. One might argue that soul and rock remained vital through th...

15 Musical Turkeys

By Wondering Sound Staff on 11.21.11

The only thing music fans seem to enjoy more than watching artists succeed is watching them fall flat on their faces. It's reassuring to know that our heroes are fallible, no matter the public embarr...

Six Degrees of Tom Waits’s Bad as Me

By Austin L. Ray on 10.26.11

It used to be easier to pretend that an album was its own perfectly self-contained artifact. The great records certainly feel that way. But albums are more permeable than solid, their motivations, exe...