Top of the Morning: Taylor Swift Sings for Target, Iggy Models for Forever21 and More

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 10.23.14 in News

Greetings! Top of the Morning is your daily AM news round-up. We paid attention overnight and gathered relevant tidbits to share over that first cup of coffee.

When she’s not releasing an eight-second track to tons of unsuspecting Canadians, Taylor Swift is popping new tracks into commercials left and right. First, she and her cat Olivia Benson repped for Diet Coke. Now she’s taken her new Polaroid photography skills on over to Target, where she shared a new snippet of the song “Style” yesterday. How many more merchandising deals can an artist get out of one album? When you’re Taylor Swift, the sky’s the limit.

Will Butler from Arcade Fire has contributed to the score of Bronx Obama; a documentary film about Barack Obama impersonator Louis Ortiz. It’s available on Vimeo and iTunes, but will also air via Showtime on October 30. (That’s Will Butler, not Win Butler. You got that, right?)

Ariel Pink has continued on his personal campaign trail to make sure all of us find him truly off-putting. In a recent interview with The New Yorker, the artist mentioned he was being cyber-bullied in response to some of his more controversial statements, and said, “What if I committed suicide and tweeted, ‘Thank you, guys. You were right’? This is how, uh, Rwanda happened.” So, it’s probably safe to say equating Twitter with the Hutu Power movement, and your own personal vilification with the deaths of an estimated 1 million people, is definitely a new low, even when we’ve come to expect outrageousness from Pink. He also went on to claim that he has a girlfriend. “She’s a porn star — she was one of Charlie Sheen’s girls. And she wants to have a kid,” he told the publication. All we can say is, God forbid.

If you weren’t already sick of “Fancy,” prepare yourself for an Iggy-inundated holiday season. The singer is posing with her boyfriend, L.A. Lakers player Nick Young, in the holiday campaign for Forever21. The two seemed to have learned a lot from their two-day modeling shoot. Young told People, “It made me want to wear hats more,” and Azalea said, “As the hours rolled by I think Nick started to realize photo shoots are hard work too. It was funny watching him have that revelation!” So far, the experience seems like one great bonding experience/epiphany for the couple. We, however, will be forced to look at a million pictures of them, while we try and pick out gifts for our tween cousins, “Black Widow” on constant repeat in the Forever21 stores. Sounds great.

Although it’s looking like it will be an acrimonious divorce for Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, the former couple actually managed to have a nice interaction on Twitter the other day:

So maybe the rapper can stop making songs like “Pussy Overrated” now. We’d appreciate it.

Want to get really depressed about your current salary situation? Britney Spears is making almost $1 million a week at her new gig in Vegas. Want to get even more depressed? Paris Hilton makes $1 million per DJ gig. (Don’t worry. It’s almost Friday.)