Top of the Morning: Kanye West Produces Movies, Chris Brown is Trolling and More

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 09.11.14 in News

Yesterday afternoon, a new Chris Brown track called “Autumn Leaves” leaked. The song featured an excellent guest verse from Kendrick Lamar and it’s good to the point of annoyance. However, it also contained the lyric, “I feel safer in your violence,” begins and ends with a woman moaning, and questions when the public will choose to forgive him and move past certain events. Brown, you are not a child in time-out. “Maybe” you have not learned your lesson yet. It’s not our responsibility to forgive you for your behavior. Stop trolling us, man.

Kanye West and Jay-Z are producing Chris Rock’s new movie Top Five and Questlove has already decided to get on board as the executive musical director. Apparently the 159,467 other jobs on the drummer’s schedule have not been enough to keep him busy lately. According to IMDb, the movie will also star Adam Sandler, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart and Rosario Dawson, with a plot that’s centered around comedians, weddings and reality TV. When Rock was asked how he came up with a script for the new film, he replied, “Yeezy taught me.”

In 2001, the Gorillaz rejected their nomination for the Mercury Prize and Damon Albarn told the BBC, in the guise of Murdoc, that it felt like, “carrying a dead albatross round your neck for eternity.” (Not that he was being overly dramatic abut it or anything.) Yesterday, Albarn was nominated once more for his solo album Everyday Robots and he told NME that he was “very happy” in regards to the nomination. Wondering, “Why the sudden about-face, Damon Albarn?” It’s amazing what 13 years will do when it comes to wearing down a youthful penchant for idealistic arrogance and a high-minded opinion of your art, isn’t it?

In other news from across the pond, it turns out that Pharrell’s single “Happy” is now the most downloaded song in the history of the U.K. Thus, the nation’s reputation for being unemotional and cold is revealed as a total sham. Just last night at the iTunes Festival in London, Shay Haley joined Pharrell on stage and hinted that an upcoming N.E.R.D. album is on the horizon. Millions of Brits went home to celebrate in secret behind closed doors where no one could see them smile. Allegedly Damon Albarn was “very happy” too.

Also, the Invictus Games began in Britain last night with a little help from Coldplay’s Chris Martin. He penned a song for the event under the watchful eyes of Prince Harry, who joined him in the studio to listen to the recording sessions. Of course, all of this has absolutely nothing to do with the question that is on the mind of every American. Chris Martin, are you dating Jennifer Lawrence or not? (In all seriousness, good luck to the athletes competing in this year’s Games.)

A man named J.M. Ladd decided to single out Courtney Love‘s vocals from a recording he made of a 2010 Hole performance and release it to the public. Although there have been some questions about the authenticity of the video, Ladd has stood by his original statement and claims that it is real. In the clip, Love sounds winded and her guitar is very out of tune.

While Love has become quite an easy figure to mock, we might want to pause and consider an essay written for The New Inquiry by Sasha Geffen earlier this week, titled “Radical Strain.” Geffen writes, “As an object of beauty for public consumption, a woman’s pleasantness must permeate the senses,” and it’s worthwhile to ask ourselves why we’ve become obsessed with these types of isolated vocal recordings and why we feel as though we need Love’s voice to sound a particular way. It’s not as if she’s ever acquired a reputation as an amazing vocalist, so was this video truly necessary? (Girlfriend should really tune her guitar, though. We don’t know if we can give her a complete pass on that one.)

Miley Cyrus debuted her Dirty Hippie jewelry collection on Jeremy Scott’s runway, and the singer took to Instagram to show her appreciation to the designer:

Meanwhile, Scott just tried to hold it together and not look like a man who was wearing an air freshener around his neck like the glaring symbol of a huge, giant mistake.

Let’s end this round-up with one of the most adorable things that you could possibly imagine. Yes, that’s right. It’s Janelle Monáe performing a song on Sesame Street. Take it easy today.