Top of the Morning: Childish Gambino Freestyles, Katy Perry Throws Shade and Nicki Minaj Drops a Release Date

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 09.10.14 in News

Greetings! Top of the Morning is your daily AM news round-up. We paid attention overnight while you were sleeping and gathered relevant tidbits to share over that first cup of coffee.

Donald Glover, known as Childish Gambino, stopped by Hot 97 earlier in the week to talk to his buddy Peter Rosenberg about trends, cultural appropriation, and street cred. Rosenberg also asked “What about the Obama kids? Do they like Childish Gambino?” (They do.) And then Glover shared that he believed, “Our generation’s fight is realness,” and told Rosenberg he is an Iggy Azalea fan. So. Glover also said he will be releasing a mixtape in the next two weeks and ended the interview with an impressive four-minute freestyle.

Meanwhile, artists such as Ariel Pink are running around making statements like, “It’s not illegal to be an asshole. It’s not illegal to be racist, even. It’s not illegal to do anything.” Actually Ariel, some things are illegal. For instance, murder and sexual assault. Breaking and entering. Selling drugs. Stealing. Look, a whole list of things, just off the top of our heads.

As soon as Taylor Swift mentioned “Bad Blood” in her Rolling Stone cover story, you knew there would be instantaneous rumors about the song’s subject. Well, don’t worry. Katy Perry gladly stepped in to add some fuel to that fire. Very early yesterday morning, Perry tweeted:

Speculation can only suggest she was hinting at Swift. It also suggests that when two women date John Mayer, it makes them both crazy.

The guy from Catfish decided to make a movie about electronic music in Los Angeles and got Zac Efron to play a DJ:

No, no. Not that guy, the other guy from Catfish. You know, the one who didn’t punch a girl in the face.

Kanye West popped up briefly yesterday to drop a verse with Theophilus London and it was oookkkaaayyy, but mostly everyone was just like, “Wait. Why is Kanye on a Theophilus London track?”

After the crazy rush of Apple products and U2 albums, Bono sat down and penned a post on the band’s website. Turns out that Songs of Innocence will not have to wait that long for its follow-up, Songs of Experience. (Someone has been reading their Blake.) Bono claimed that the second album is all ready to go and then the Grammy committee responded by saying, “Perhaps you would like to physically release it this time?” Turns out, Songs of Innocence will not be eligible for this year’s Grammy Awards. It missed the September 30 cut-off, as the actual physical album will not be available until October 14. To add salt to the wound, Billboard will also not be able to include the first single “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)” on their charts, as it was released for free.

How’s that relationship with Apple looking now, boys?

But let’s end on a good note, shall we? Last night Nicki Minaj dropped a release date for The Pink Print via Twitter:

So now you can listen to it with your relatives during Thanksgiving dinner, although you might want to show grandma the alternate version of “Anaconda” below.

Happy waiting-in-line-for-five-hours-for-the-iPhone6 Day.