Top of the Morning: Aphex Twin, Robyn, Kate Bush and More

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 09.04.14 in News

Greetings! Top of the Morning is your daily AM news round-up. We paid attention overnight while you were sleeping and gathered relevant tidbits to share over that first cup of coffee.

Let us all address the most important news of the day and bestow salutations upon the Queen herself. Happy 33rd birthday, Beyoncé.

DeadMau5 has been wearing his trademark ears during gigs for about 10 years now, but Disney has apparently gotten wind of the costume and by God, they will not take it lying down. They have filed a petition to block his attempt to trademark the ears in the U.S. An incredibly timely response to be certain, as DeadMau5 already has them trademarked in Japan, Germany, Italy and the U.K.

Richard D. James told Rolling Stone that he is feeling “really horny…and very smug” about the new Aphex Twin album Syro, before revealing that he keeps electro-mechanic drum robots in one of his five studios. So. What do you think happens when they’re alone in there together?

Billy Corgan spoke to The Chicago Tribune about his upcoming solo album Monuments to an Elegy and new Smashing Pumpkins album Day for Night. He told the reporter that he’ll probably disband the Pumpkins after this album is finished, even though he already made that decision 14 years ago. (But don’t worry. Tommy Lee is still drumming on the new solo LP, so what could possibly go wrong?) Corgan also said he doesn’t like the Beatles, the Beach Boys or the Ramones, just to lend his naturally cheery disposition to the interview.

Singer Kate Bush’s Devon home is about to fall into the ocean due to landslides and erosion. Also unfortunate, the number of “Running Up That Hill” jokes that immediately followed the sad news. Bush could not be reached for comment because she’s too busy staging a massive comeback tour after a 35-year absence and having 8 albums in the U.K. Top 40 at once; a feat only surpassed by the Beatles and Elvis. (Do you think Billy Corgan doesn’t care for her either?)

Interpol is readying the release of El Pintor for next week. They had time to chat with NME and revealed that they haven’t spoken to bassist Carlos D in the four years since he quit the band. Drummer Sam Fogarino said, “If I were 10 years younger, maybe I’d go and snoop around, check out what he’s up to, but no, I’m pretty in and out there nowadays,” which is absolutely what you claim when you’ve been stalking someone on Facebook.

Kendrick Lamar was in the news no fewer than three times yesterday. First he was featured on the fabulous new Flying Lotus track “Never Catch Me.” Although the L.A. Leakers decided to watermark it so badly upon release that you could barely make out the music, the studio version is now available. Lamar was also on the new Jeezy track “Holy Ghost,” but ended the day on a down note when news leaked of the $1 million lawsuit he’s currently facing for copyright infringement. However, his legal troubles have not dissuaded Georgia Regents University English professor Adam Diehl. According to the school’s course catalog, there will still be a class on good kid mAAd city.

Weezer revealed a preview of their new single “Cleopatra” and it straight-up looks like a Dharma Initiative video from LOST. Knowing their affinity for the television series, this is not at all surprising.

Robyn is determined to make us wait even longer for her follow-up to Body Talk. (No, Do It Again does not count because that’s an EP and it’s not solo Robyn.) Instead of working on a new album, she’s been making Arthur Russell covers for the upcoming compilation Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell. In all seriousness, it’s a real jam and will put some pep in your step this morning.

Last but certainly not least, rumors swirled yesterday of a possible Madonna-Apple collaboration when Digital Spy discovered that if you said “unapologetic bitch” to Siri, she’d retrieve Madonna’s Wikipedia page for you. Cut to everyone on the Wondering Sound staff shouting “unapologetic bitch” into their iPhones, and we can now confirm that this rumor is true. This connection can only lead to speculation that Madonna is going to try and pull a Beyoncé-style album drop released exclusively on iTunes, but we couldn’t get a hold of Siri before press time.

Siri and Madonna