Tom Vek Reveals New ‘Luck’ Record

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 04.08.14 in News

Tom Vek unveiled his third album via Dazed today, a solo record influenced by everything from The Bonfire of the Vanities to grunge music.

“There’s pros and cons to working on your own and with other people,” he explained, “but with this one I thought, right, I’ll try and get it completely done on my own. It gets closer to this idea that you’re expressing a singular – not even a vision, because I’m not sure I have a vision, but a character. That’s always been the deal with this project, with these Tom Vek records. Everything has to have been done by me. There are no samples, and everything has to have been made from scratch. It’s about capturing something that might be a bit shambolic or something a bit scatty, something a bit imperfect.”

That approach first rose to the surface with a quietly released 2012 single called “You’ll Stay.” Available in video form below, it pairs squiggly synth lines with pitched-down jungle breaks and a wry narrative that introduces the “bratty smartass” character that pops up throughout Luck. Look out for the rest of the LP on June 9 through Moshi Moshi…

Tom Vek - 'Luck' album cover

Tom Vek - 'Luck' album back