Tim Dog Didn’t Fake His Death, After All

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 09.16.14 in News

Some closure may finally have arrived in the previously unexplained disappearance of Bronx rapper Tim Dog.

Best known for 1991 diss track “Fuck Compton,” which precipitated the decade’s East Coast-West Coast hip-hop rivalry, the MC born Timothy Blair was reported dead in February 2013 by various publications. But soon the original article in The Source could no longer be found, and after a scam victim owed money by Blair suggested he faked his own death, a Mississippi judge issued a May 2013 warrant for the Ultramagnetic MCs affiliate’s arrest. On a track last year called “Falsified,” featuring a verse from the supposedly dead rapper, Kool Keith declared, “Tim Dog is alive!”

It turns out Blair died on February 14, 2013, after all, according to Dateline NBC, which has posted a photo of the death certificate. Though Tim Dog was inextricably linked with New York City, with a memorial even planned in Harlem, he had reportedly been living outside Atlanta. The reason Blair’s death records hadn’t surfaced before, the NBC news show suggests, is that those papers come from the county where a person dies. Only those closest to Blair knew his true location.

Confirmation of Blair’s passing may be cold compensation to Mississippi woman Esther Pilgrim, who first raised concerns about possible fraud. Pilgrim was a victim of an online dating scam that led to a grand larceny guilty plea from Tim Dog in 2011. A court had ordered him to pay her a total of $19,000, and she grew suspicious when the payments stopped coming amid so little proof of the rapper’s death.

As for Tim Dog, the county paid for his cremation, according to NBC. It’s an ending, then, but not a happy one for anybody involved.