Throwing Muses to Release ‘Purgatory/Paradise’ on Vinyl/Cassette

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 09.12.14 in News

Throwing Muses‘ first new album in 10 years, 2013′s Purgatory/Paradise, is finally coming to vinyl — and cassette. Last fall, the Kristin Hersh-led band released the album as part of a multimedia set, packaging the 32-track CD within a 64-page book of lyrics, commentary, photos and art; Purgatory/Paradise was also available as an e-book-and-music app. Now, HHBTM Records has announced it will issue vinyl and tape editions of the album on October 28.

The vinyl release comes as a double-LP, with what a press release describes as a “super thick gatefold dual pocket Tip-On sleeve” and a fold-out, full-color, double-sided insert that’s 11 inches by 22 inches. There’s also a download card. The vinyl and cassette version each can be pre-ordered in deluxe packages with a Throwing Muses tote bag and set of three full-color buttons.

Hersh published a memoir, Rat Girl, in 2010. “My life used to be dressing rooms, hotel rooms, tour buses,” she told Douglas Wolk last year, in an interview for Wondering Sound sister site eMusic. “Now I speak directly with my listeners — and I would like to hide, I really enjoyed hiding — but I have to admit I’m a bit humbled by their brilliance.”

Pre-orders, which start shipping in mid-October, are available for vinyl here and cassette here.

Throwing Muses 'Purgatory/Paradise' record vinyl package

Throwing Muses tote bag

Throwing Muses, Purgatory/Paradise (October 28, HHBTM Records)

1. Smoky Hands
2. Morning Birds 1
3. Sleepwalking 2
4. Sunray Venus
5. Cherry Candy 1
6. Film
7. Opiates
8. Cherry Candy 2
9. Freesia
10. Curtains 1
11. Triangle Quanitico
12. Morning Birds 2
13. Lazy Eye
14. Blurry 1
15. Folding Fire
16. Slippershell
17. Bluff
18. Blurry 2
19. Terra Nova
20. Walking Talking
21. Milan
22. Curtains 2
23. Folding Fire 1
24. Static
25. Clark’s Nutcracker
26. Dripping Trees
27. Sleepwalking 1
28. Smoky Hands 2
29. Speedbath
30. Quick
31. Dripping Trees 2
32. Glass Cats