Thrice Frontman Resigns From Pastor Role at Controversial Mars Hill Church

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 09.09.14 in News

Thrice frontman/former screamo figurehead Dustin Kensrue has decided to give up his post as a pastor at Mars Hill — a Seattle-based megachurch with locations throughout the country — due to its downward trajectory and shall-we-say-questionable practices in recent months. That includes everything from this week’s announcement about church closings and consolidations to the more pressing issue of a mounting controversy around Mars Hill co-founder Mark Driscoll. Aside from being accused of plagiarism and inflated book sales, Driscoll was recently criticized for an old message board comment about newly married couples.

“With his penis, the man is supposed to learn to please his wife and learn how to be patient, self-controlled and be educated on how to keep his home happy and joyous (I Corinthians 7:3),” Driscoll wrote (via Patheos). “The man should be aroused by his new home, and the wife should rejoice at seeing his penis rise to greet her.”

He doesn’t stop there, either, making it easy to understand why Kensrue has filed the following statement (via Aux):

I would encourage you to not muddy the issues by engaging in personal attacks and becoming bitter. I honestly believe that the EE and the BOAA want good for the people of MH. I honestly believe that they love you, and that they love Jesus. But I also believe that they are blind to what is really going on, and blind to what the roots of the problems are. I believe that they are treating the media as their conscience, rather than heeding the voice of the Holy Spirit and the voice of the elders.

So speak boldly, but speak in love. Mars Hill is not on a good trajectory. All signs would point to the probability that Jesus is “removing the lamp-stand” just as he warned the church of Ephesus he would do to them in the book of Revelation. The way to prevent this is not simply to ‘return to the love we had at first,’ but first to repent! (Rev 2:5)

If Mars Hill is to survive even another six months it needs to be a place of radical repentance: repentance of pride, deception, domineering attitudes, lazy and self-serving hermeneutics, and a slew of other sins. If you are going to stay, I pray that you would be bold yet loving in your confrontation of these sins and your demand for repentance, because the church of Christ deserves nothing less.

- With love for the people of Mars Hill and for the glory of the name of Jesus, Former Pastor Dustin Kensrue.

As for what Kensrue has been up to musically, he released a more overtly religious solo record last year called The Water & The Blood. Here’s a song from it…